Rule #12: No Jerks Allowed

whart09ks1Whartscape kicks off this weekend in downtown Baltimore. This is one of those badass festivals that puts the focus on smaller bands and local artists. Wham City started Whartscape in a warehouse four years ago. This year, they’ve got 140 plus bands spread out in venues across the city.

We stumbled across Whartscape from this far superior article in the Baltimore Sun which includes awesome quotes from festival co-founder, Dan Deacon like: “I think expectations are the prerequisites to disappointment” and “It’ll be a very bizarre time.”

And unlike most festivals, the organizers don’t want Whartscape to grow too big. Their philosophy is summed up on the official web site:

Since we organize this festival out of pocket and in our spare time, it is important for us to keep it comfortable and enjoyable for us to do. One thing we talked about at the end of last year’s festival was shrinking it down slightly and having it feel more community based and familiar. This year isn’t focused around headliners, but mainly performers and friends that make up the community we tour, work and live in.

Whartscape starts at noon on Friday and rocks until late Sunday night. Mega passes which get you into any show have sold out, but you can still get $18 tickets to Saturday and Sunday. More info on tickets right here.

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