RovR RollR 45 End of Summer Review
By / September 3, 2021


Keep it chill! That’s our motto here at Music Festival Wizard, both literally and figuratively. As someone who has spent a long festival weekend drinking warm beer and even warmer vodka (*vomits slightly into mouth), I can say with confidence it’s always better to have a chiller on hand. This summer, our product of choice was the RovR RollR 45, a mini-tank of a companion. We put the RollR through a full summer of boating, camping, grocery store trips, and lakeside lounging at our testing grounds of Ennis, Montana. RovR is part of a trend of high-quality camping coolers that can keep your goods ice-cold for an entire weekend of festival adventure. 

RovR RollR 45 Specs

Weight:  4.5 kg (1o lbs)
Chamber Depth: 44 cm (17.3 in)
Capacity:  42.6 L (45 qts)
Duration:  10 days

What makes the RovR a superior wagon for the weekend? 

Keeping it Cool: No dry ice antics here. We dropped in a few ice packs and the RovR performed admirably for four days on the lake, about the length of your typical festival. We can confirm that this will keep your supply of hard seltzers cold enough for the entire fest.  

We See You Rolling: The wheels on this monster are high-quality and puncture resistant. And let me tell you, when the campsite is miles from the car you are going to be happy to not only have wheels, but ones that can handle rocky rounds and bumpy fields.

It’s Pretty: I know we should be focused on the functionality, but damn if this cooler isn’t just pleasant to look at. Other color choices include burnt desert and cool moss, but we very much enjoyed the aptly named Magic Hour.

Plenty of Seating: Leave one of your camp chairs at home. The solid weight and stature of the RovR meant that we ended up unintentionally using it as a bench for most of the summer. If the cooler was parked, someone was almost always perched up on it.  

Double-Duty Carrying Action: The accessories on the RovR are what really make it stand out. At the top of the list is the attachable basket. This is a sturdy-sided bag that we left filled with snacks, towels, White Claws…the list goes on. The basket is roomy and easily attaches on top, turning your cooler into a transportation beast. It’s perfect for bulky, yet lighter festival campground items like blankets for bringing into the campground.

Final Thoughts
Just a solid cooler on all counts. Our testers declared the RollR 45 one of the top products of the summer. You know a piece of gear is top-notch when there’s a long discussion about who gets to “store it” until next season.

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