Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, and Kylie Minouge All Want To Play Glastonbury

Bon Jovi is totally cool with you...unless you happen to be a vampire

It’s that time of season again where every artist that expresses an interest in playing Glastonbury immediately gets pegged as part of the lineup. One quote turns into a media barrage of lazy headlines.

We’re super lazy, so here’s three rumors at once.

Bon Jovi admits to be a lazy bastard and also said that “If they [Glastonbury] don’t have another old-timer like me, I’d love to go out and see it and perhaps do a set, sure.” [Monsters And Critics]

The headline claims Kylie Minouge is “desperate” to do Glastonbury. But all she really says is: “I don’t know if anything’s happening with Glastonbury.” Scoop! [The Daily Star]

Ronnie Woods is out of cash again and wants in. “As far as the Stones are concerned, we haven’t had a get together for three years but it’s high time.”[Spinner]

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