Review Roundup: The Voodoo Experience 2011
By / November 4, 2011

Photo Credit: Katrina Barber

Another Halloween brought another Voodoo Experience to New Orleans. Soundgarden rocked, Jack White is a sex god, and Odd Future danced with controversy. Check out some reviews below to get a taste of the Voodoo.

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The three-day musical marathon was home to tens of thousands of mainly Rock revelers, who flocked to City Park to catch Jack White reunite with The Raconteurs, watch Snoop Dogg blaze up the joint and the ever-detestable Odd Future slapping a female photographer, among other things.

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Closing out the main stage, The Raconteurs lit up Twitter with proclamations confirming Jack White’s God/sex symbol status. The band slithered, grumbled, shook and rattled. City Park then cleared, revealing a wonderland of garbage, foot-long Hurricane cups, twinkling art pieces and carnival rides, and the din of honking taxis.

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On a gusty, overcast Day One, Soundgarden far exceeded expectations after an initial washy sound marred the first few minutes of their set, delivering 2 straight hours of heavy, psych-infused hits from deep in the legendary Seattle grunge band’s catalogue, including a few tracks from Louder Than Love and Badmoterfinger.

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