Review Roundup: Sunset Strip Music Festival 2010

The Knux @ Sunset Strip Music Festival. Photo Credit: Erik Voake

While most reviews revolved around Fergie wearing tiny shorts (I know, shocking!), a few people did report on the music of the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Check out the reviews below or click on the sick photo above for the official SSMF photo gallery.

via The L.A. Times

During his encore, Slash invited Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas onstage for a coolly received rendition of the album’s “Beautiful Dangerous.” Then, the guitarist revved up the unmistakable riff from Heart’s “Barracuda,” which Fergie proceeded to sing with an abundance of rock-chick fortitude. At the end of the song, she even threw in a series of perfectly executed cartwheels, winning over with old-fashioned spectacle a crowd predisposed to view her as a pop-scene interloper.[Read the rest of the review…]

via LA Snark

I wish the Sunset Strip Music Festival was every weekend. I loved being able to wander in and out of clubs discovering new music all night. That is the way it is supposed to be, stumbling around on a weekend night and happening upon some band that just hits you the right way. That’s the way people used to be exposed to new bands.
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via All Knowing Force

I started with Semi Precious Weapons within 30 minutes of my arrival, and the band put on a good show. These guys have been playing arenas with Lady Gaga for the past year and are beginning to turn heads with their brand of NY Dolls influenced sleazy rock n’ roll. Lead singer Justin Tranter was rocking high heels, tights, and eye-liner. Hey, to each his own. [Read the rest of the review…]

via The Orange County Register

Early in the day, for example, Neon Trees vocalist Tyler Glenn addressed the rapidly growing audience: “I wanna tell you something … it is OK to have a douche-bag haircut in 2010,” pointing at his own matted Mohawk for reference. “(And) it is OK for a straight man to wear leggings,” he added…
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