Review Roundup: Siren Music Festival ’09

There’s nothing better than a free festival. Here are some collected reviews/photos from folks who caught the July 18 Siren Music Festival in Coney Island. Lucky ducks.

Sometimes all it takes are great photos to capture a festival. Check out this batch from Chris La Putt at Brooklyn Vegan:

Speaking of photos, there are a ton from The Village Voice, who sponsored the festival. Here’s some of the faces at Siren from Nate “Igor” Smith:


Jett Wells from MTV talked up his personal highlights of the show:

The real secret at Siren Music Festival was a guitar-and-drum duo from Vancouver called Japandroids. Lead singer and guitarist Brian King had the look of a school boy and admitted he had never been on such a large stage before and that he’d do all he could do use the space.[Read the rest of the review…]

Sentimentalist Magazine with Tim Nestor got…well, a bit sentimental reviewing Frightened Rabbits:

Drama, intensity, epic interludes… and we’re talking about the band, not the ride here.  The Rabbits sweep the crowd away with their trademark sound that is quintessentially Scottish, fueled by its emotional highs and lows and poignant tales. [Read the rest of the review here…]

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