Review Roundup: Sasquatch! 2009


Photo Credit: Matthew Lamb

By most reports, Sasquatch! 2009 sounded like a big success. 80,000 people, 3 days, and only 10 arrests. Here are some blurbs and links to the reviews.

Whitney Pastorek from Entertainment Weekly provides a nice overview:

I learned while on vacation last year that Sasquatch (exclamation point!) was the best undiscovered music festival in the country, and I’m happy to report that’s still true. The three-day fest, held Memorial Day weekend at The Gorge — a breathtakingly beautiful venue hanging over the Columbia River in central Washington State — boasts small crowds, terrific programming, and a laid-back vibe juiced by thousands of camping hippies living in communal bliss out in the parking lot. [Read the rest of the review]

Andrew Matson, the Seattle Times music reporter, blogged live from the scene. 27 posts over three days with lots of personal photos and four second videos.

(Deerhoof) Singer/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki wore a furry tiger mask, took it off, did robotic calisthenics, walked around in circles, and sometimes just stood still and played straight. The band’s set was a stop-start joy. [Read the rest of the review]

Here’s a dissenting opinion from Ben Watanabe at The Spectator at Seattle University who thought the show “was less then legendary”.

At the risk of being cliche it needs to be said that a $9 tall-boy of Coors Light is heinous.

And MFW staff favorite, Meghann M. Cuniff from The Spokesman-Review, listed all the various crimes committed over the weekend including a family fight, indecent exposure, and one mysterious “unknown”.

The sheriff’s office released crime statistics this morning that show 88 criminal contacts and complaints over the three-day period, ranging from abandoned vehicles to assault and trespassing. Five people were arrested for felonies, four for misdemeanors and one on an arrest warrant. The rest were issued citations. [Read the rest of the review]

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