Review Roundup: Pitchfork Festival 2009

The cool kids of Chicago turned out this weekend for Pitchfork’s annual tribute to hipsters. Here are a few of the early reports from around the Internets:

Greg Kot, reporting for the Chicago Sun Tribune, provided video updates along with time-stamped observations:

6:30 pm: A few guys next to me are talking through Yo La Tengo’s set. They’re trading David Yow stories; Yow is the legendarily unhinged singer of tonight’s most anticipated band, the Jesus Lizard. “Last time I saw David Yow,” one of the guys says, “he was passed out under an ATM machine outside the Bucktown Pub.” [Read the rest of this review…]

Our friends over at Festival Crashers reviewed a whole mess of bands including Built to Spill, The Black Lips, The National, Matt & Kim, and Tortoise. Here’s a snippet of their thoughts on Doom:

He was wearing a leafy camouflaged get up that made him look like Oscar the Grouch. For some odd reason, I don’t usually think Sesame Street when I’m seeing a hip hop show. [Read the rest of this review…]

Adam Kivel at Consequence of Sound delivered this in depth review:

And lo, the flock of hipsters descended upon their annual roost on Chicago’s near west side, drooling over a weekend of music deemed just weird enough to be cool (or just cool enough to be weird?). Getting off the Green Line at Ashland this one weekend of the year is like becoming part of a living blob of flannel and tight denim, chattering and adjusting eyeglasses.[Read the rest of this review…]

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