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From the reviews below, it sounds like the only thing better than the music and the weather were the spectacular views of the Canadian Rockies. Live at Squamish drew in 13,000 for its first year…and, seriously, are you looking at this backdrop?

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No, I didn’t forget the clubZone stage (a stage that needed darkness to really take off), but I did miss what apparently was a pretty phenomenal live set by British house purveyors Dirty Vegas. And as the night wore on, the party was in full effect for DJ Z-Trip’s set, which included such insane mash-ups as Boston’s More Than a Feeling and DJ Kool’s Let Me Clear My Throat, as well as a rad Rage Against The Machine/Janis Joplin/DJ Shadow cut fest. Out of this world.

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The line-up had something for everyone, with a wide range of styles and performers, although no headline stars. The scheduling was for the most part intelligent, with bands overlapping allowing you to see multiple acts. The Tennessee Three (Cash’s backing group) were a highlight and put on strong show in the warm, late afternoon sunlight.

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The first day of the Live at Squamish music festival was pretty awesome. The view is absolutely stunning as you sit out on the grass and listen to the tunes of local and international artists. The place is barely packed (far less than say, Surrey on Canada Day) so it’s easy to find a place to chill out on your blanket or get up and boogie. It filled up once the sun started setting but it still wasn’t at capacity. 

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With roughly 6,500 in attendance on Saturday and 7,000 or so on Sunday – capacity, per day, being approximately 13,000 – the site was never overburdened. There were little to no real lineups for anything, from food to washrooms to water refill stations to merch. The only time you saw a minor wait time was for the beer gardens or for much-needed evening coffee, but that’s just standard, predictable stuff. 

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