Review Roundup: Hopscotch, Lockn’, Boston Calling, MusicfestNW


The stage is over to your right! Photo Credit: Boston Calling Facebook

Welcome to the MFW Review Roundup, where we let the Interweb recap the previous week in music festivals. Click through the following links to see full articles and get a taste of what you missed.

via Jordan Lawrence @ Nashville Scene

It’s no secret that music festivals are all about choice, forcing you to pick one band over another at a certain time slot. But more than any event I’m aware of, Hopscotch is loaded with realistic options, a smorgasbord of club shows and block parties, panel discussions and daytime showcases, none of which strays too far from the festival’s downtown epicenter.

via Kristin Friend @ Glide Magazine

Day three at the Lockn’ festival on the sprawling Oak Ridge Estate started out just as beautifully as the previous ones. Clear skies and sunshine, with a steady breeze set the backdrop for the day that some festival goers had truly been waiting for.

via Perry Eaton @

While the last Boston Calling delivered Fun. to massive ticket sales but groans from music snobs, festival organizers this time around found the happiest of mediums with Vampire Weekend. Not only did the Brooklyn collective caffeinate a crowd that seemed to be losing energy, but they reminded their audience just how many hits they’ve packed into three albums.

via Curt Schulz via OregonLive

Sporting a short-sleeved plaid button-down shirt, a neatly trimmed beard and rimless specs in front of a capacity crowd for a solo set at the Doug Fir Thursday night, Bob Mould looked less like the hardcore punk icon he is (Husker Du, Sugar, tons of solo releases) and more like everyone’s favorite social studies teacher quietly eyeing retirement.

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