Review Roundup: Fun Fun Fun Festival 2011


Danzig’s diva antics, dreamy Ryan Gosling, and many proclamations that Fun Fun Fun Fest is on its way to becoming Austin’s premier festival dominated most of the reviews. Check out a couple of our favorites below.

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It might not be too long before Fun Fun Fun overtakes Austin City Limits as the premiere three-day fest in the city. Austin is swollen with music, from a vibrant local scene to its long-established bluesy roots —SXSW has become something of a convention capstone for the industry. But somehow Fun Fun Fun stands out; it’s willing to be provocative with its bookings, instead of the interchangeable schedules of most top-tier weekends. They may not have the budget, but they have a definite understanding of the people they’re after. You know, like getting Danzig to play Misfits songs.

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Named for a song by Austin punk pioneers the Big Boys, Fun Fun Fun Fest made a big move from cozy Waterloo Park to roomy (and, thanks to an historic drought in Texas, dusty) Auditorium Shores for its sixth edition. That meant bigger name headliners like Passion Pit, Spoon and Slayer, but the same devotion to an indie-friendly mix of rock, punk, metal, hip-hop, and comedy. Here’s 12 Fun, Funner, and Funnest moments from the weekend.

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Odd Future closed out the blue stage with a bang when a stray water bottle hit band member Tyler, the Creator in the face, inciting a band-on-fan brawl. Odd Future members lept into the crowd where the water bottle had came from and started throwing punches. The violence ended almost as quickly as it began, and the group returned to the stage to finish the set. Before Trash Talk performed the closing act on the yellow stage, Henry Rollins, former Black Flag front man, left the festivalgoers with a more peaceful message. He encouraged the crowd to connect with each other on issues beyond music and comedy.

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