Review Roundup: Essence Music Festival 2010


As partygoers descended the Superdome’s ramps, returning to their hotels, homes, Bourbon Street or other location somewhere after the whirlwind three days of the Essence Music Festival, I noted the beauty of the moment. Most of these people weren’t even from New Orleans. They were on their own adventure and came to our great city in search of it. Though most of them would be leaving, the general consensus seemed to be that the adventure was found and enjoyed. [Read the rest of the review…]

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For three minutes during her set at Essence Fest last night, Mary J. Blige stood on stage holding her microphone out to the crowd and didn’t say a word. No, there weren’t technical difficulties and she didn’t forget her lyrics. Instead, a packed Superdome sang the entire “I’m Going Down” from beginning to end while the band played in the background. [Read the rest of the review…]

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Day two of the Essence Music Festival was not for the young, but definitely for the young at heart. R&B singer Joe had the crowd singing along to hits like “I Wanna Know” and “All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)” in the Coca-Cola super lounge. Other super lounge acts included Mint Condition and for a dose of old school hip-hop, De La Soul performed in the Lincoln Superlounge. [Read the rest of the review…]

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In contrast to Saturday’s Essence Music Festival opener Keri Hilson, LL Cool J, armed with just two DJs, easily projected to the farthest reaches of the Superdome. Though echoes from the concrete floor somewhat muddied the cleverness and sass of his raps, the visceral impact was undeniable. [Read the rest of the review…]

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