Review Roundup: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 2010

via The Pace Report [VIDEO]

Last weekend I took a trek to Brooklyn for the 6th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Even though it rained off and on all day, I didn’t let my love for Hip-Hop stop me from taking an hour long train ride to see the legendary De La Soul. [Read the rest of the review…]

via HipHopDX

Produced and organized by Wes Jackson’s Brooklyn Bodega, this year’s event had several historic moments. Headlined by De La Soul, yesterday’s eight-hour event closed as the sun started to set with the Long Island trio – and Maseo noting that the first chapter in his life was spent living in Brooklyn. The group performed hits from all six of their official albums, and left the stage promising more material to come. [Read the rest of the review…]

via NY1

The festival’s founders and participants said mini-workshops in break dancing, beatboxing, the Brazilian martial art capoeira and salsa dancing would bring youth into hip-hop culture and teach them core values of social change and empowerment. [Read the rest of the review…]

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