Review Roundup: Anything Can Happen at the Subsonic Festival

Summer has arrived in Australia and we’re checking out some reviews from the Subsonic Festival, a boutique EDM festival that sounds like one of the country’s best kept secrets. Also, I can’t resist any review that starts off with a porta-potty story.

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After taking an incredibly lengthy shit in a portaloo at Subsonic Music Festival, my friend stumbled from the unsavoury stall with a frantic look on his face, declaring he’d been to Japan. I eyed him suspiciously as he had been gone for 30 minutes. Checking for residual poo, I made him do a slow 360 turn and liberally doused him in antibacterial gel. I suspected he was lying about Japan – his pupils were large enough to collect spilt milk – but anything is possible at Subsonic.

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The festival is for trippers, by trippers, and the attention to detail is admirable. Hammocks swing between trees, daybeds line the river, food, clothing and face paint stalls border the stages and there’s even a giant disco ball shaped like a human heart. Where else are you not only able to climb all over the structures, but encouraged to with specific installations? Where else will the one guy that back flipped off it and broke his leg in three places laugh it off and accept full responsibility instead of suing the festival for public liability?

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Set amongst what is arguably the best possible location for a doof-cum-festival in the picturesque surrounds of Riverwood Downs at Barrington Tops, it was great to be back. As always, the place was teeming with colour, creativity, and detail. The River Stage had a different cut to it, but with the same sense of grit that had made it popular in previous years.

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