Review Roundup: All Tomorrow’s Parties @ Asbury Park

The never disappointing All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival took place last weekend in Asbury Park, NJ. Here are a few sites which have extensive coverage and excellent reviews of the the three day fest.


You could always wander away and come back a half hour later, full of french fries and ice cream. The three-day festival encouraged sampling, wandering, getting lost in sound. As long as you kept your mind open, there was always something provocative to encounter. [Read the rest of the article…]

via NPR

ATP is the best camp you never went to. This year it’s in Asbury Park, N.J., centered around the historic Paramount Theatre, Convention Hall and Berkeley Hotel on the boardwalk, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The artists and the fans all stay at the same hotel, taking the same elevators and sharing conversation. The wall between fans and fame is mostly stripped away, as is corporate sponsorship. In terms of vibe, it is simply is the best music festival there is.
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via Wall Street Journal

Public Enemy gave a stellar show, injecting a fresh energy into the festival with Flavor Flav’s kinetic dancing and Chuck D’s own brand of grounded cool. They gave us “Fear of a Black Planet Remixed” after a long soundcheck – welcome, since some of the acts in the Asbury Convention Hall have had issues in the sound department, including the preceding act, Company Flow. [Read the rest of the review…]

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