Review Roundup: All Good Music Festival 2010

This weekend marked the 14th annual All Good Music Festival, a jamfest in the hills of West Virginia. The first review we have is a recap from MTV followed by some of unique first-hand perspectives including some video and photos.

via MTV

This past weekend, 15,000 enthusiastic music fans descended upon the majestic hills of Marvin’s Mountaintop in Masontown, West Virginia for the 14th annual All Good Music Festival. They were treated to over 40 hours of music ranging from rock to reggae. [Read the rest of the review…]

via Washington City Paper

If there’s one place you’re guaranteed not to find rocket-propelled grenades, it’s the All Good Festival, a sprawling destination for besotted pilgrims—the descendants, at least ethically, of those Otis Redding once termed “the love crowd.” The event is characterized more by raggedly goofy goodwill, from the noodlers content to circumscribe themselves for hours within day-glo hula hoops to the pods descending on the drainage pond for a free shower and a séance with the butterflies. [Read the rest of the review…]

via Glorious Noise

The third day of any music festival is when things get really funky. Your feet are caked with dirt and you smell, and two days of trying not to use the Port-A-Johns are beginning to catch up with you. You’ve now spent the better part of two days saturated by music, and the novelty of it all is beginning to wear off. It takes more for a Saturday act to wow you, no matter how much you may or may not have blunted your senses over the past two days. [Read the rest of the review…]

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  • July 15, 2010


    The music was great. Even the ones I was not too into. It was obvious from the go that it was anything goes. From the open drug use/sale, to the 3 bare chested women I saw. No pets it said, except for the 5 dogs, the box of free kittens, and the vendors pet duck. None of this bothered me. I must say I partook of things, enjoyed the views. I geuss I’m venting because my stuff got stolen from my tent, as did my tent neighbors 2k$ hearing aid. You had tweekers going around stealin peoples bags looking for drugs and $. Now I’m back useing this godforsaken #pad to text. Oh, the humanity. But I’ll be back next year, with a door that I can lock behind me. Thanks Furthur and DSO. You were worth it all…
    Sorry Maryland, for coming through your state. I didn’t know you didn’t want us to. Next year I’ll go around.

  • July 15, 2010


    Oh, and it was said from the stage that they sold out the event at 25,000.

  • July 21, 2010


    You would think that all the great music would make you want to be friends with everyone, not steal! Thats why marijuana should be legal :)

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