Reggae Rise Up: A Weekend of Sunshine and Good Vibes

Leave it to Florida to turn what was supposed to be a rainy weekend into the first glimpses of the summer Florida is known for. Pure sunshine and blue skies greeted attendees to this year’s Reggae Rise Up in St. Petersburg on Friday, welcomed by the lapping intercoastal dotted with local boaters who came for the show.

When you live in Florida there are two things you’re going to be familiar with whether you’d like it or not – sunburns and reggaeton. While reggae may not make sense to those raised in crisp mountainside towns, reggae is the music created in response to hours of vitamin D and saltwater in the air. And the 5th annual Reggae Rise Up provided vibes everyone with a taste for sunshine and ocean could enjoy.

Take a peak at the scene and some of our favorite acts of the weekend:

HIRIE was a crowd favorite of the weekend enchanting crowds with her stellar voice and moves

Slighty Stoopid