Red Sky Music Festival Add More Bands, Announce Ticket Prices

311 announced as one of the many bands playing the 2011 Red Sky Music Festival in Omaha

Artists are being announced every passing day for the Red Sky Music Festival. Better Than Ezra, George Clinton and Cowboy Mouth join 311 and Sublime with Rome at the 6-day fest which takes place at TD Ameritrade Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska. The July 18-23 show better get cracking if they hope to fill the expected 60 slots.

Ticket prices have been posted — and it’s very good news. $15 for a single day ticket, $60 for a 6-day pass. Obviously an excellent value if you’re a fan of any of the bands listed so far.

So who else do you think will play? According to one of our commentators in the Red Sky Festival Guide, he has an ironclad source:

“i talked to this kid in one of my classes who’s cousin is responsible for confirming the line up and shit for this. he said hes been talking to bands like tom petty, 311, beastie boys, the black keys, and a bunch of other sweet shit.”

See more at the official Red Sky website.

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