Preparing for Outside Lands: A First Timers Survival Guide

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Despite their funny lineup announcement, the performances at Outside Lands this year is no laughing matter. Busting out the big guns with names like Odeza, Kendrick Lamar, Chet Faker, Mumford and Sons, Tame Impala, Sam Smith and many more will take the stage and leave crowds with memories of a festival they wish never ended. But getting from your computer to the festival takes a lot more effort than just buying a ticket. So the crew here at MFW has compiled some tips and tricks to make this year’s Outside Lands festival the best one yet.

Preparation is key: Studying the performers is an essential part of actually being able to sing the lyrics rather than mumble under your breath (everyone can tell you have no idea what’s going on). To save yourself from such embarrassment, consider checking out the festival’s Pandora station with hand selected songs you can expect to hear at the festival.

Go in with a plan: An amazing feature that Outside Lands offers for its festival attendees, is the option to make your own schedule.  Now you never have to miss a show or stress about where to be and when.  This crafty little feature will turn out to be a lifesaver. Take advantage of it!

Pre-game warmup: If you’ve ever been to Outside Lands, seeing thousands of people collecting around the stage will be of no surprise to you.  But, if this is your first Outside Lands festival, you might want to consider checking out Wine Lands or Beer Lands before attempting to become a part of the crowd.

Take a wind-down lap: After a long day of befriending both Wine and Beer Lands, and jamming to your favorite artists, don’t forget to take a lap (or ten) around the food trucks and different restaurants.  The best festival day ends with a giant burger and a full stomach.

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