Pitchfork FORMS Festival Postponed

Back in October, Pitchfork announced a four-day multimedia festival in New York City entitled FORMS. Pitchfork is now saying on their site that FORMS will be postponed. The show was originally scheduled from February 1-4, 2012. No word on when FORMS will happen. Here’s the full post from Pitchfork:

“Pitchfork, The Bowery Presents, and Killscreen are postponing FORMS, the NYC-based event series we collectively created as a way to celebrate the best of music, art, games, and the intersections in between. As the series took shape these past few months, we found it growing bigger and more complex in very exciting ways. We followed those threads, expanded the vision, and simply ran out of time. Pitchfork, Bowery Presents, and Killscreen have a history of throwing spectacular events and producing great content, and we have decided to give ourselves more time to ensure that FORMS is the best it can be. For now, we plan to take a brief pause and provide more information later.”

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