Photo Gallery: Fatboy Slim, Phoenix, The Kills, and Pineapple People @ Melt 2017
By / August 21, 2017


Germany’s Melt Festival is so huge that we had to send two Music Festival Wizards to cover it. As usual, Matias Altbach was in the crowd, in the pit, and in the backstage snapping pictures which you can see below. For a rundown of an American’s first time at a European festival, check out Alex Peter’s story right over here and to see more of festie photos, click on over to Matias’ official website.

32. M.I.A_ @ Melt_Festival

26. Glass Animals @ Melt Festival Germany

22. Die_Antwoord_Melt_Festival_Germany_Matias_Altbach (191)

15. Die_Antwoord_Melt_Festival_Germany_Matias_Altbach (97)

14. Fatboy_Slim_Melt_Festival_Germany_Matias_Altbach (20)

38. Phoenix_Melt_Festival_Germany_Matias_Altbach (76)



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