Pack This, Not That: Travel Hammock

Photo Credit: Chelsea Murawski

Pack This: Travel Hammock
Replaces: Tent

If you haven’t tried camping out under the stars in a gently swaying hammock, then you might be missing out on the best part of summer. Lightweight, easy to clean, and perfect for late afternoon siestas between sets, a travel hammock should be mandatory for your next overnighter.

We spent a week on a rooftop in downtown Philadelphia (long story) test driving an ENO SingleNest Hammock and couldn’t have been more comfortable. As long as two anchors are available, the patented SlapStraps make for a stress free set up.

Yeah, but this still can’t replace a tent, right? Turns out the ENO has the answers for that.

For mosquito attacks: They got a bug net to keep the biters out.
For summer rains: How about a variety of rain tarps?
For hooking up: Looks like you’ll need the DoubleNest, Cassanova. Warning: Only for the extremely acrobatic.

Check out Eagle Nest Outfitters products on their website right here.

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