Pack This, Not That: Solar Charger

Pack This: Solar Charger
Replaces: Cell phone charger

The sun may be the basis of all life on planet Earth, but it also just sits there like a chump every day getting a free ride. Put the dayball to work with a solar charger. Leave on the dash of your car, attach to a backpack, or leave on the picnic table and get a full dose of power for electronics. Finding a place to plug in during a four day greenfield festival will be damn near impossible if you’re not close to your ride. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about firing up the car on Sunday evening only to realize you drained the battery charging your iPhone all weekend. Score!

There’s plenty of models to choose from. Everything from an $1800 solar generator (completely bad-ass) to portable power cells that can go just about anywhere and are much easier on the wallet. Make sure to do your research — all solar chargers are not created equal. Each one has its pro and cons.


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