Pack This, Not That: Collapsible Water Bottle

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Pack This: The Playtpus Platy SoftBottle
Replaces: Standard plastic/metal water bottle

It’s impossible to overstate hydration at a music festival. There’s dancing. There’s sun. There’s you passing out from heat stroke. Music festivals used to (and some still do) charge and overcharge for the liquid that we need to survive, not to mention the catastrophic waste of plastc water bottles.

Lucky for us, trash is being replaced with water stations. Bring along a water bottle.

While the standard Nalgene used to be essential gear for Music Festival Wizard, we’ve traded it out for a soft collapsible water bottle like the Platypus Platy SoftBottle from Cascade Designs. The BPA free container can hold up to a liter of water (there’s a smaller .5 liter bottle as well), but what really makes it stand out is that after chugging, the super-light Platy can be rolled up and stuffed anywhere like a purse, backpack, or even in a pocket.  And it weighs 80% less than hard hydration bottles which means you’re more likely to carry it around all day.

Price: $8-$13


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