Okeechobee Music Festival: 8 Reasons to Make Your Way Down to Florida

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Although still a relative newcomer to the US fest scene, Okeechobee Music Festival is one that confidently stands out from the rest. As a mystic portal to previously uncharted territory in South Florida, the festival is curated seamlessly, boasting something for everyone. Here are 8 reasons why you should make your way down to OMF this year!

Location: The Sunshine State

With hammocks tangled between palm fronds and a central lake lapping a sandy beach, Okeechobee Music Festival is as close to a tropical festival paradise as you’ll get without ever having to leave the continental United States. With over 250 days of sunshine a year, springtime in South Florida is the epitome of perfect festival weather.


Tunes for All Walks of Life

Does some smooth R&B tickle your fancy? How about some upbeat indie rock to get your day going? Or does heavy dubstep get your feet moving? Well good news, OMF has all of that and more! Showcasing an incredibly diverse lineup with every musical genre under the sun, there’s something for everyone.


Just Minutes Away from Florida Hotspots

With Miami Beach, the Florida Keys, and Disney World, just a short hop away from Okeechobee Music Festival, festival goers can make their outing into a proper holiday. Dubbed the Sunshine Grove, this 800-acre property was once purchased to be transformed into a housing or resort development. The owner didn’t have a clue that a decade later the site would be transformed into a playground for a top tier music festival in the United States.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small: The Perfect Size

As Florida’s largest camping festival in history, Okeechobee Music Festival sold out its 2016 inaugural year with 30,000 attendees. The festival boasts big name headliners you’d expect from top tier festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, or Lollapaloozabut on a smaller and more intimate venue scale. You won’t find yourself walking miles just to get to center stage or to your friends campsite over in Timbuktu.

Splash Around at Aquachobee Beach and Stage

With the Florida sun beating down the majority of the day, cool off at Aquachobee – a white, sandy lakeside beach equipped with its very own stage. Best part about it? They let you bring in your own coolers and floats. BYOB!

Dance the Night Away in Jungle 51

Is staying up till the break of dawn your thing? In line with the theme of boasting something for everyone, Jungle 51 is a techno enthusiast’s fantasy. Offering a dusk-til-dawn stage set inside a topical forest, Jungle 51 houses some of the world’s top electronic artists.

More Than Just a Stellar Lineup

While most festival attendees come for the music, OMF doesn’t spare a thing for those who want an all-inclusive festival experience. Enter: ChobeeWobee Village. Here you’ll find relaxing activities from yoga sessions to recharge your chi to an array of galleries and epic live art installations.


Inclusion for All
Music festivals are expensive, no doubt about that. However with an average ticket price similar to other 4-day festivals, OMF offers payment plans to festival goers. Even more so, they promote free alternatives to attend through street team promotional activities before the festival and volunteer opportunities during the festival allowing anyone to attend.  



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