North By NorthEast (NXNE) Announces Extended Dates for 2014!

NXNE 2014

North by NorthEast (NXNE), one of the largest events in Canada, is about to get bigger in 2014. Organizers are stretching the festival out to ten days next year. The official dates have been confirmed for June 13-22, 2014, in Toronto.

The extended dates will feature NXNE Music from June 18-22, NXNE Interactive from June 16-20, and NXNE Film from June 13-15. Also slated for the twentieth anniversary of the blockbuster festival, NXNE will team up with VICE Media to transform a section of downtown into a project similar to SXSW VICELAND.

For those of you that are going to bombard us with artist submission requests: 1) We have nothing to do with it, 2) Head over to the official NXNE website, 3) You have until January 31, 2014 to get your electonrica-hipster-folk-rock band from Ghana considered for the festival.

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