News From the Net: LCD Soundsystem Battles Scalpers, Ugly Rockstars

The top 10 ugliest rockstars according to Chicago Now.

LCD Soundsystem tells scalpers to “fuck off” in a rambling, directionless, and hilarious rant. “What on earth could be less effective and more of a first-world spoiled idiotic move than ‘angry tweets’?”

PJ Harvey will stream a live show from Paris in honor of her new album.

Forecastle Music Festival is canceled! Claims like every every other fest that they are on hiatus.

The almighty Beyonce is heading to Glastonbury.

Financial commenter and Phish fan works references into his appearance on “The Kudlow Report”.

Oh my! People at Good Vibrations Festival caught with drugs. “Police say the message about taking illegal drugs is not getting through.”

Bama Jam Festival promoter goes from house arrest to jail.

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