New Festival Alert! Bestival Heads to North America


Toronto is already an embarrassment of music festival riches so prepare to get more jealous as the amazing UK Bestival will make landfall in Canada this summer. Rob da Bank, the festival founder, announced that Bestival Toronto will happen June 12-13, 2015.

Bestival Canada will have to battle the debut of the Bonnaroo backed WayHome Festival which also takes place in June and also takes place in Ontario — just up the road a bit from Toronto.

More information — the venue will be on Toronto Island and there’s already a landing page for the new website here. Nothing about artists, but if it’s anything like the just-announced Bestival lineup, we’re all going to be really happy.

Rob da Bank says: “We have waited 12 years to decide to launch another Bestival outside of the UK and our beloved Bestival, on the Isle of Wight, which has grown into one of the most important festivals in the global calendar. It took a really special city, and an even more exciting site, with Toronto and Toronto Island, to make us take the leap. So, the waiting is over and we are so excited to be launching in North America in June, with a classic Bestival line-up waiting to thrill, intrigue and party! I’d like to thank all our partners, friends, new and old, and supporters in Toronto, for making this happen. We cannot wait!”

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