Mysteryland USA Will Return in 2015


Photo Credit: Joey Timmer

It’s never a sure bet that a debut festival will return for a second time. Our festival guide is filled with the first year hopefuls that couldn’t convert. Mysteryland USA, which debuted on the hallowed grounds of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, certainly has a huge advantage — their parent festival in The Netherlands just celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

Yes, Mysteryland USA is back and staking claim with announced dates of May 22-25, 2015 to be held in Bethel, New York. Like a college kid showing off to their parents that they can make it in the real world, this year’s fest will feature new and expanded campgrounds along with even more music acts.

Pre-sale tickets go on sale December 5th with an early pre-sale on December 4th if you register on the main website, and an even earlier early pre-sale on December 3rd if you have a MasterCard because nothing speaks to the spirit of Woodstock like corporate synergy.

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