MusicfestNW: Music Video Style Made Simple


Sometimes being concise with a lineup is key to a killer festival. When it comes to this logic, MusicfestNW nails it every time.  Inspired by greatness in simplicity, we have created a few outfits influenced by the top music videos from performers expected to jam at MFNW this year. Need a little inspiration yourself? Don’t sweat. We have outfit ideas for all three days of the festival.

Call It What You Want- Foster the People (Day 1)

The Video:

The Look: Inspired by copped out suits, gold mega phones, vintage jeans, and red lipstick make outs with the mirror, this look is too simple to beat.  All you need is rolled or high waisted jeans, a blazer, a white shirt (collared or not), some shoes to match, a couple of accessories and you’re done!

Photo Credits: Rowan Reiding (left), Matthias Cornilleau (right)


The Rip Tide- Beirut (Day 2)

The Video:

The Look: This music video keeps things pretty basic.  The ocean, the sky, and a boat. For this look, grab a striped shirt, pants or shorts will do just fine, and a few basic accessories and there you have it.  Almost as simple and beautiful as the music video itself.


Grown Up- Danny Brown (Day 3)

The Video:

The Look: Throwing things back to a more simple time, this video features the rebellious childhood of one stylish kid.  Inspired by the simplicity of the past, this look features a button up shirt with rolled sleeves or a layered sweater and black pants.  Add final touches such as bags or glasses and that’s it!

Photo Credits: LesOubliettes (right)

button up MFNW




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