Music Festival Lineups for New Year’s Eve 2021
By / November 16, 2021

Photo Credit: Lights All Night

Don’t get left out in the cold. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we are here with the rundown of what’s happening on the final festival festivities of the season.

HiJinx Festival 2021

When: December 30-31, 2021

Where: Philadelphia, PA

The Scene: HiJinx returns to ring in the New Year at Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The lineup is heavy with bass artists so be prepared for some head thrashing beats along with a spectacular light show.

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Decadence Arizona 2021

When: December 30-31, 2021

Where: Phoenix, Arizona

The Scene: Where are you going to be when the ball drops on New Year's Eve? Hopefully, dancing your booty off in Arizona at this two-night festival with some of the hottest electronic artists in the country.

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Lights All Night 2021

When: December 30-31, 2021

Where: Dallas, TX

The Scene: The longest running EDM festival in Texas lights up New Year's Eve in Dallas with a roster of confetti exploding talent. The production is top-notch, with stages and light shows that has fans raving. Jump on a plane to Dallas and jump your way into the next year.

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Decadence Colorado 2021

When: December 30-31, 2021

Where: Denver, CO

The Scene: One of the largest NYE festivals in the world, Decadence Colorado, returns to Denver. Experience two full nights of mammoth sized arenas at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver filled with world-class talent, elegant décor, and gorgeous art installations.

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No Resolutions Festival 2021

When: December 30-1, 2022

Where: Branford, FL

The Scene: No Resolutions! This New Year's Eve celebration is a camping festival that takes place at an RV resort in Florida.

The Lineup: ,

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OMFG! NYE 2021

When: December 30-31, 2021

Where: San Diego, CA

The Scene: Let's go to San Diego! Now in it's ninth year, OMFG! NYE has been bringing the party to Pechanga Arena. The two-day electronic festival is an 18+ event.

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Countdown NYE 2021

When: December 31-1, 2022

Where: San Bernardino, CA

The Scene: 3...2...1...Countdown NYE! The Insomniac event ticks down the last hours of the year at the NOS Events Center in southern California with this massive EDM festival. The alien themed experience features stages like The Mothership, The Nebula, Area 51, and Twilight Zone along with warnings of an alien attack at midnight!

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Orlando Invasion 2021

When: December 31-1, 2022

Where: Orlando, FL

The Scene: Join Countdown Orlando this New Year’s as they probe the deepest mysteries of the cosmos and unlock the secrets of the universe through sonic vibration and movement.

The Lineup: ,

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Fresh Start Festival 2021

When: December 31-2, 2022

Where: San Francisco, CA

The Scene: The Midway's annual New Year celebration returns for three days with 3 indoor and outdoor stages. Fresh Start is a chance to welcome and celebrate new beginnings in 2022.

The Lineup:

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Contact Winter Music Festival 2022

When: December 30, 2022

Where: Vancouver, BC

The Scene: The largest indoor music festival in Canada brings 35,000+ to Vancouver for two days of winter-time beats. Across two stages, festies will find state-of-the-art technical production, pyro and incredible lighting.

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Get Together Edmonton 2022

When: December 27-28, 2022

Where: Edmonton, AB

The Scene: Get Together this New Year's Eve in Edmonton for two nights of wild and energetic dance music.

The Lineup: ,

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