More Tickets Released for FreeFest – With a Twist


Fans can still get into the Virgin Mobile FreeFest, but you’re going have to work for it. Not surprising, the festival sold out of tickets, because they were after all — free.

There are still tickets available for volunteers willing to put in 13 hours or more at a local homeless youth organization.  In exchange, you get a V.I.P. pass (or Free I.P. as it’s called on the site) to the festival. There are about 400 of these tickets, so get moving if you want one.  Read more about it at the official site.

If that’s not enough, Summer of Service, an initiative of Howard County, Maryland, has even more opportunities to score a ticket. One day of service cleaning up parks, donating blood, and other charitable acts snag you a free ticket. Sign up Thursday, July 2nd to get in on this.

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