More Sad News for Festivals — Rothbury is Suspended

On January 22, festival organizers for the Rothbury music festival announced that they will not host a 2010 event. Our festival expert Coco, who attended Rothbury last year, said it was her favorite festival of the summer. She told us, “Dreams are magical because our minds are capable of creating beautiful fantasies
beyond this world and Rothbury was a dreamer’s festival.”

Rothbury was unique because of sights like the enchanted Sherwood Forrest, a dreamlike experience that festival goers could be a part of. Magnificent light displays, secret burlesque shows, great music and dancing aliens are just a few marvels that will be missed this summer.


It is important to note that this is not the end of Rothbury, only a bump in the road. Madison House Presents Jeremy Stein explains, “The result for this year is that we are not able to move forward with the integrity and high standards that we demand from ourselves and for the festival.” Despite the 2010 postponement, organizers intend to continue the Rothbury in 2011. We will keep you posted on any news regarding the future of Rothbury.

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