The MFW Deadpool: T in the Park Is Dead, Long Live T in the Park

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Photo Credit: T in the Park

Photo Credit: T in the Park

The undisputed king of Scottish mega-festivals, T in the Park, recently announced that it will be taking a year off in 2017. Unlike other vague cancellation announcements, organizers lay the blame squarely on government officials — and some baby birds.

From the official statement on the website:

“Against our will, and despite a prolonged fight, we were forced to move from Balado, Kinross in 2015. This move was a mammoth task for the event and one that was compounded by a series of onerous site restrictions placed upon us as preparations for the event in 2015 took place. As the build up to the festival was well underway we were informed by Scottish Government Ministers that we would have to apply for full Planning Permission due to the presence of an unregistered, but protected in law, osprey’s nest. The constraints – logistically and financially – that the resulting planning conditions put upon us are simply not workable.”

It’s been a rough road for Scottish music festival lately. Rockness, one of the largest fests in the country, was last held in 2013, and Wickerman Festival was cancelled in 2016 after the death of a co-founder.

At least one festie thinks the festival is worth saving. Danny Beggan has started an online petition and hopes that having 10,000 signatures will force the matter to be debated in Scottish Parliament. More hope for the future of the festival — the BBC is reporting that Glasgow is in talks with T in the Park organizers as a future venue.

Odds of a Return: The demand for a Scottish mega-festival is high and T in the Park certainly has the wills and the means to deliver. If they can find a happy venue, they’ll definitely be back. We put this one at 9 out of 10.

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