The MFW Deadpool: Show Over for Electric Daisy Carnival UK



The worldwide Electric Daisy Carnival has suddenly cancelled the UK edition of the popular electronic fest. This comes just about a month after announcing there wouldn’t be a New York City EDC, but there would be new ones in Tokyo and India.

Location: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Year Started: 2014
Reason For Cancellation: There’s little information other than a short statement on the official website where EDC says that “our plans to grow and improve the festival” didn’t work out.
Chance of a Return: Electric Daisy Carnival is a worldwide brand with plenty of festival power, but the UK market is saturated with electronic fests, so we’re giving this edition of EDC the same odds that Prince Harry will get married in 2019* — a  royal 4 out of 10.

*Please note The MFW Deadpool has no idea how betting odds in the real world actually work.

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