The MFW Deadpool: Festival Cancellations for 2017

Photo Credit: Vertex Festival

Photo Credit: Vertex Festival

The music festival scene is in a constant state of flux. For every new and shiny fest, we lose a fan favorite or a promising debut finds itself out of cash. In the MFW Deadpool, we take a look at the latest additions to the festival graveyard and predict who will rise from the dead.

Vertex Festival

Buena Vista, Colorado, USA
Year Started: 2016
Reason For Cancellation: Footloose-style resistance from the residents of Buena Vista who want those damn kids to get off their lawn with their electronic music and their drugs and their whatnot. The first year festival produced by Madison House was looking forward to at least three more years, but all the townie bullshit pushed Vertex into cancelling the 2017 edition.
Chance of a Return: In a state blessed with scenic locales, Vertex should ditch the drive-thru town of Buena Vista for greener pastures. If they can find the right venue, we’re giving this festival an 8 out of 10 shot of a revival for 2018.

AURA Festival

Live Oak Florida, USA
Year Started: 2010
Reason For Cancellation: According to the official statement, AURA organizers, “decided that the event has far surpassed our goals and that we’re going to complete this chapter of our lives.” Ending a festival because it’s successful is a first for The MFW Deadpool, but we understand how it feels to endlessly pour your time, love, and life, into an enterprise that may ultimately just end up breaking even.
Chance of a Return: The organizers sound like this really is the end for them so we’re giving a sad trombone 0 out of 10. Thanks for six years of love AURA!

Beach Vibes Festival

Riviera Maya, Mexico
Year Started: N/A
Reason For Cancellation: Hot Chip, Run the Jewels, Carl Craig, DJ Harvey, and Holy Ghost at a winter music festival in Mexico? The LCD Soundsystem fronted Beach Vibes Festival sounded like a slam dunk on paper, but according to organizers CID Entertainment, “the event was not coming together in the way that it was envisioned.” In lieu of that extremely vague answer, we’ll just guess that they didn’t sell enough tickets.
Chance of a Return: We’ll skip the vagary and call this a concrete o out of 10.

Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Gardens, United Kingdom
Year Started: 1991
Reason For Cancellation: After 26 years of festivaling, organizers have decided that “we and the festival need to take a year off in 2017 to fully refresh both creatively and personally.”
Chance of a Return: They’re calling this is a hiatus and dates have already set for July 20-22, 2018. With such a long history, Larmer Tree warrants a 9 out of 10.

Auckland City Limits

Auckland, New Zealand
Year Started: 2016
Reason for Cancellation: Mega-festival Austin City Limits spun off an international edition last year in 2016 in festival scarce New Zealand. No reason for the 2017 cancellation, but plenty of promises for 2018.
Chance of Return:  We’ve seen these pledges before, and while ACL has deep pockets, we’re guessing this one-and-done festival only has a 2 out of 10 chance for a sequel.


Chelmsford, Essex, UK
Year Started:
Reason for Cancellation: According to the official statement: “Due to changes in the industry we can no longer deliver the event we set out to create and that we feel you deserve.”
Chance of Return: Independent DIY festivals like Brownstock are in for a rocky road as corporate backed ventures are filling up the marketplace. There’s going to be causalities and Brownstock won’t be the last. 0 out of 10. 

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