The MFW Picks for Heavy Montreal 2014
By / August 6, 2014


No jam bands. No trip hop. No experimental electronica. This weekend the Music Festival Wizard head to Canada for the annual Heavy Montreal and nothing but loud music. We asked our local Metal Festival Wizard, The Angry Villager, who he plans on catching this weekend.


Saturday, August 9
Heavy Stage

Wikipedia Says:  J-pop, heavy metal, death metal
The Angry Villager Says: They may look like someone dipped Sailor Moon and her friends in a vat of Lemmy’s sweat, but from what I hear they transcend the J-Pop hype.


Saturday, August 9
Heavy Stage

Wikipedia Says:  Punk rockskate punkmelodic hardcore
The Angry Villager Says: I’ve been a fan of these guys since Jesus was a Tween – I wish I could build a Wayback Machine to bring my teenaged self into the future to see them.

Dropkick Murphys

Saturday, August 9
Molson Canadian Stage

Wikipedia Says: Celtic punk, Hardcore punk, Punk rock, Alternative rock, Oi!
The Angry Villager Says: Saw these guys in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day 10ish years ago and it’s possible I’m still hung over. If you’re anything like me, your liver and your ears are writing a letter to the governor asking for a pardon as we speak.


Saturday, August 9
Molson Canadian Stage

Wikipedia Says: Thrash metal, Speed metal
The Angry Villager Says: Come for Scott Ian’s chin spinach (he still has that right?), stay for the music (they still play that, right?)!

The Vandals

Saturday, August 9
Apocalypse Stage

Wikipedia Says:  Pop punk, Punk rock, Skate punk, Melodic hardcore, Hardcore punk (early), Ska punk
The Angry Villager Says: My pop punk roots are showing, but I really hope they play that song where they make fun of G.E. Smith from SNL.

Nashville Pussy

Sunday, August 10
Apocalypse Stage

Wikipedia Says:  Hard rock, Psychobilly, Southern metal
The Angry Villager Says: Let Them Eat Pussy!

Body Count

Sunday, August 10
Heavy Stage

Wikipedia Says: Thrash metal, Crossover thrash, Speed metal, Hardcore punk
The Angry Villager Says: I saw these guys in 1991, and all I can say is…I hope Ice brings Coco on stage.

Bad Religion

Sunday, August 10
Heavy Stage

Wikipedia Says: Punk rock, Melodic hardcore, Alternative rock, Hardcore punk, Progressive rock 
The Angry Villager Says: If there’s one band that will put my old man body into full-on “twelve year old Katy Perry fan” mode, it’s this band. Literally. Can’t. Even. Wait.

Fucked Up

Sunday, August 10
Apocalypse Stage

Wikipedia Says: Hardcore punk, Indie rock, Experimental rock
The Angry Villager Says: Their press photo on the Heavy MTL website kind of makes them look like vacationing teachers from a Waldorf School in the Berkshires, but they kick some serious ass. Plus, bonus points for being Canadian!


Sunday, August 10
Apocalypse Stage

Wikipedia Says: Thrash metal
The Angry Villager Says: \m/

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