Merry Christmas! 9 Advance Ticket Sales for Music Festival Lovers

Don't end up like these girls! Buy tickets now!

Christmas is an especially good time to scoop up wicked low priced music festival tickets. We’ve got nine listed below with some sample prices (check for taxes, fees, and service charges). A few even have lineups! Prices will go up in the new year, so grab those stocking stuffers right now.

Essence Festival: $135 3-Day Pass

Gathering of the Vibes: $175 Four-Day Pass

Arizona Country Thunder: $125 Four-Day Pass

CMA : $115 Four-Day Pass

Moondance Jam : $180 3-Day Pass

The Bamboozle: $109 3-Day Pass

Telluride Bluegrass : $155 4-Day Pass

Hangout Fest: $134 3-Day Pass

High Sierra Music Festival: $150 4-Day Pass

Born during a sweaty, backstage, Bonnaroo downpour, the editor-in-chief's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to every great festival that this wide world has to offer. While his identity remains a mystery, you may have already met him, probably when he helped himself to your party favors.

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