Maximum Ames Festival Second Round Lineup

Maximum Ames returns for 2012. Photo Credit: Maximum Ames Facebook

The homegrown showcase festival, Maximum Ames, announced a second batch of artists for their September concert. The four day festival (September 20-23, 2012) will play at twenty different venues around Ames, Iowa. The first round of artists, which featured Jeff Magnum and Wanda Jackson was announced last month. Maximum Ames has promised around 130 bands so expect to see many more additions in the next few weeks.

Tickets: Your best bet is to pick up a a full festival pass for $100 which gets you into everything. Weekend two passes will be $60. Jeff Magnum only is $38 and Wanda Jackson only will be $22.

via Maximum Ames

Second Round Lineup Maximum Ames

Old Scratch Revival Singers
Jon Wayne & the Pain
Phoenix L’amour
BeJae Fleming
Great American Desert
Mantis Pincers
Plume Giant
Holly & the Night Owls
Scarlet Isis
Purple Asteroid Cadillac
Time Hammer
Run-On Sunshine
Gunpowder Fatty

Initial Lineup Maximum Ames

Jeff Mangum
Wanda Jackson – “The Queen of Rockabilly”
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Mount Eerie
The Music Tapes
The Poison Control Center
The Daredevil Christopher Wright
Adam Faucett
Trouble Lights
Diamonds for Eyes
The Bootytronic Suite
Doctor Murdock
The River Monks
Peace, Love & Stuff
The Wheelers
Alex Kintzle and the Davis Brothers
Jaw Harp Potential

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