Local Officials Attempt to Extinguish TheBond-fire

North Mississippi Allstars headline theBond-fire 2011 music festival.

TheBond-fire, a New Year’s Eve Florida music festival, was denied permits by local officials just under two weeks before the scheduled start of the show. With a lineup that includes The North Missisippi Allstars, George Clinton, Soulive, and Zach Deputy, this is obviously quite a blow to the first year festival.

The permits for the location in Groveland, Florida were shot down by the Lake County Commission. They cited concerns with the one lane dirt road that serves as the only access along with a lack of arrangements for police, fire or ambulance support.

Just to be clear: Organizers have not cancelled the festival. They are trying to secure another locale according to the official site.

Just to resolve a few concerns, TheBond-Fire Festival is not cancelled!! We are moving the festival to a more adequate location. Stay Tuned.. We are working round the clock to accomodate the growing number in attendance. For your comfort and your safety.

More recent updates appear on TheBond-Fire Facebook page. This update came just came in:

Update: Negotiations are in progess for new property. We want to thank everyone for the support and positive energy.Sorry so late with this updated but we working hard to try to make this happen for you guys! Stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

This article in the Orlando Sentinel summarizes the “hiccups” with the location.

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