Let’s Go Camping in a Bubble

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Music festival fans tends not to be the shy types — we’ve seen your Instagram feeds — so there’s definitely a market out there for this transparent tent out of France. Designer Pierre St├ęphane Dumas started researching in 2006 for “an unusual up-to-date temporary accommodation solution,” and came up with the BubbleTree concept.

There’s a variety of Bubble Lodges available through the website including versions that aren’t quite as voyeuristic as the models in the photos here. All of the bubbles use no metal frames and are kept inflated by a low power air blower (it also keeps the air recycled in the room as well).


We have so many questions. Could this work at a music festival? Would you just cook to death inside from the sun or does the “thermal shield” add-on block enough heat? How does the “bathroom module” work? Only way to find out is to pick one up — but you’re going to have to go to France.

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