It’s Going to Be Very Superstitious At Secret Garden Party 2013

Fans aka "gardeners" celebrating at the Secret Garden Party

Each year, the Secret Garden Party picks a theme, and then builds the festival around that theme.

This year’s theme: Superstition

This year the Secret Garden will be asking all Gardeners to explore their affinity to the supernatural, the inexplicable and the irrational… to indulge the tussle between the left brain’s sober analysis and the right’s need to conjure it’s own reality.

Leave reason at the Garden gates, search for the four-leaf clover along the path and see where lady luck takes you. Will you be saluting magpies or courting black cats, touching wood or spilling salt, crossing your fingers or breaking mirrors?

In 2013 we pay homage to the power of the number thirteen… and laugh at ourselves a little.

For four days (July 25-28, 2013), revelers will participate in a party unlike any other outside of London in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Check out this 2012 video and see more info on the Secret Garden Party website.

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