Is Camp Bisco Returning for 2015?

Bisco_PuzzleAfter nearly eighteen months of silence, a cryptic word search appeared yesterday on the Camp Bisco social media accounts. The EDM-jam fused festival hosted by the Disco Biscuits was cancelled in 2014 due to a slew of issues including arrests, lawsuits, and hospitalizations. The festival promised to return in 2015 but there hasn’t been a peep from organizers until the mysterious puzzle showed up on Facebook, Twitter, and now the official website.

Our crack team of researchers have so far decoded a location of “Scranton” and “Pennsylvania”. We already know there’s a venue there ¬†at Montage Mountain that is home to the jam happy Allman Brother’s Peach Festival. We also found “home”, “bisco”, “paradise”, and “wish” along with the warnings “careful” and “never”. Considering that this was re-tweeted from the Disco Biscuits Twitter account we’re going to guess that is happening.

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