Interview With a Zombie: KAABOO Del Mar Preview
By / August 4, 2018


The small city of Del Mar, near San Diego, California, will see a temporary bump in population September 14-16. Some of the visitors will include Katy Perry, Foo Fighters, Wiz Khalifa, Post Malone, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Gucci Mane, and many more.

KAABOO Del Mar can go toe-to-toe with any festival in 2018, with a line up that holds up to the high standards of elite music festivals. The quality and diversity of the artists selected for KAABOO indicates a well thought out artistic direction for 2018.

Don’t be fooled by the neon blue and purple ocean surf vaporwave branding design — KAABOO isn’t targeted solely to millennials. In addition to the big names, the full line up makes an offer to every generation. Whether your mind lives in the 2010’s, 1990’s, or the 60’s, KAABOO has artists you’ve sung your lungs out to in the car.

If Billy Idol or TLC have you questioning that “White Wedding” or your urge to chase “Waterfalls”, KAABOO is a great late-season pick for festival go-ers. Fans of real retro jams know Robert Plant is sure to bring a “Whole Lotta Love”. After all, festival season is the “Time of the Season for loving”, as The Zombies’ vocalist Colin Blunstone put it.

Blunstone was kind enough to answer a few questions for MFW as KAABOO, one of The Zombies’ rare 2018 festival dates, nears.

MFW: Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your remarkable album, Odessey and Oracle this year! In 1968, what would you have said if someone told you that you would be on major festival line-ups as The Zombies fifty years later?

Blunstone: I would have thought they were crazy!!! In 1964 most people thought that the life span of a career as a recording artist was two to three years. Everything was dependent on singles chart success and when the hits dried up as they inevitably did your career was over. This process wasn’t helped by the way record companies demanded singles every seven or eight weeks often leading to a decline in writing and recording quality.

I thought I was involved in a wonderful adventure travelling the world with my friends playing the music I loved and that when our time ran out I wouldn’t have any choice but to find my way to another career……a proper job!!!!!

MFW. The only other festival date listed on The Zombies tour schedule is 60’s themed. Why was KAABOO Del Mar chosen as your other festival tour date?

Blunstone: We have all heard wonderful things about KAABOO Del Mar and we’re thrilled to learn we have been invited to perform.

MFW: One of my favourite things as a festival-goer is discovering new music. I grew up listening to The Zombies with my very 60’s mum, but there’s an entire generation with no knowledge of British Invasion. How does it feel to be able to open young music fans to a pandora’s box of music history at KAABOO Del Mar?

Blunstone: The most exciting period of my career has been with this incarnation of The Zombies watching new generations discovering our music, past, present and hopefully future! We are constantly amazed at the spread of ages at our concerts ranging from teenagers to fans who have supported us from the beginning. Hopefully through us they can broaden their interest in music to include the very best of the past as well as the present.

MFW: True to self-defining features, zombies have slowly but consistently grown in popularity. Given your cutting-edge zombie credibility, I’m curious what are your zombie genre favourites in film and television?

Blunstone: I have to admit I know nothing about “Zombie culture”!!!! When our original bass guitarist Paul Arnold suggested the name I wasn’t very keen and had only the slightest idea what it meant. Everyone else in the band loved it and as it was catchy and memorable, it stuck! Now here I am 50 years later and I’m still not really sure what a Zombie is but hopefully for many people it has come to mean a British band and the music they play.

Samuel Swanson is a freelance writer and editor who is not looking forward to cleaning up the mess of glow sticks and camping supplies currently strewn about.