Internet Disappointed With Coachella 2013?



Oh, the Coachella 2013 hate is thick on the Interwebs. After releasing a perfectly solid lineup, fans have reacted sourly to the lack of headliners. Yes, there’s no huge name like the oh-so rumored Rolling Stones, but there’s nothing wrong at all with Coachella’s lineup. It’s Coachella. It’s going to be awesome and you’ll see tons of good music and get drunk/high with all your friends in the California sun.

The simple solution to all your bellyaching is to simply shut up and not go. Check out our list of about 300 (and counting) other festivals that might grab your goat.

Here’s a few of the of the headlines from the past week:

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I do agree, The Stone Roses is a left-field choice to headline Coachella, a band which is fairly unknown to that younger Coachella demographic. But it also means we get this hilarious website. A quick search on Twitter shows that fans seem to be generally favorable to the lineup.

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