Iceland Airwaves Final Lineup!

It's time to get trippy in Iceland this fall.

Smack dab on our bucket list of must-see festivals is the annual Iceland Airwaves. First held in an airplane hanger way back in 1999, the Reykjavík based festival prides itself on mixing worldwide artists with local Icelandic bands and surrounded by some of the most amazing natural beauty on earth. Held this year from October 31-November 4th, Iceland Airwaves will feature some 222 bands including Dirty Projectors, Phantogram, Patrick Wolf, The Vaccines, and Icelandic legends Sigur Rós.

Here is the final additions below and the full lineup right here:

Latest Additions to Iceland Airwaves 2012

Shearwater (US), Apparat Organ Quartet, Haim (US), Snorri Helgason, Reykjavík!, DIIV (US), Rökkurró, Útidúr, Nova Heart (CN), Dikta, Lára Rúnars, Benni Hemm Hemm, Gluteus Maximus, Mr.Silla, Árni Vector, Asonat, Atrum, Bárujárn, Bix, Boogie, Trouble, Dream Central Station, Elíza Newman, EmmSjé Gauti, Enkídú, Epic Rain, Fu Kaisha, Gang Related. Geir Helgi, Ghost Town Jenny (US), Gísli Pálmi, Good Moon Deer, GP!, Halleluwah, Hanne Kolstø (NO), HaZar, Hellvar, Hljómsveitin Ég, Hollow Veins, Jack Magnet Quintet, Japanese Super Shift and the Future Band, Jón Þór, Lockerbie, Love & Fog, Love Demons, M-Band, Magnús Leifur, Mikael Lind, Monotown, Morðingarnir, Myrká, Myrra Rós, Noise, Nóra, Nuke Dukem, Oculus, Oyama, Pedro Pilatus, Quadruplos, RVK Soundsystem, Saytan, Sindri Eldon & the Ways, Skurken, Stafrænn Hákon, Steve Sampling, Strigaskór Nr.42, Svartidauði, Tanya & Marlon, The Foreign Resort (DK), Thor, Trouble, Two Tickets to Japan, Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán, Vigri, We Made God, Woodpidgeon (CA), Ylja, Þórir Georg and Æla!

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