I Love This City San Francisco Moves to Different City


San Francisco’s newest super-rave, I Love This City, will be moving from their previous downtown location to Shoreline Amphiteater in Mountain View. It’s a fairly major last-minute change for a festival that goes off May 25-26, 2012.

The original location at The Lot at AT&T Park was scrapped because “production challenges at The Lot are resulting in what would be a compromised experience for both the artists and fans,” according to the announcement on Facebook. All of the same artists (Tiesto, Duck Sauce, Steve Akoi) are still on board at the same times.

Understandably, fans have responded harshly to Live Nation yanking the rug out from under them. What was to be a unique, massive event in downtown San Francisco with easy public access has been shafted to an amphitheater over thirty miles away. But hey, you can still catch a free shuttle. In another big middle finger to the fans, the 18+ age restriction has been dropped to 16+ so get ready to party with ecstasy dropping underage teenagers.

Sean P. Ryan from the ILTC Facebook comments sums up the changes thusly:

The show should be renamed “we fucked this city” instead.

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