How-To: Make Music Festival Camping More Awesome

Our friends at the excellent outdoor gear store, Trails Edge, have posted an article about some of the often overlooked camping items needed for a music festival. You know, like a wizard’s staff. No, not this wizard’s staff…although to be fair that might work. Just click over here and check out the list which includes handy items that wouldn’t ordinarily make an appearance on any normal camping excursion.

The only item we would add? An inflatable raft. Even if there’s a river or lake or stream to float in said raft (and odds are that there will be some water), why would you possibly need this? Anyone? Anyone? That’s right. It makes for a handy and cheap crash pad guaranteed to last you at least two days before being punctured.

Which brings us to our final question. Where to find gear? Trails Edge, of course.

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