How-To: Build Your Own LOTR Barad-Dûr Blaster Tower


Barad-dur Tower Party
With their whole scorched earth policy and flaming all-seeing eyes, the citizens of Mordor have always gotten a bad rap in Middle Earth, but this group of Nazguls (aka Camp Morder) spent this summer at the annual Roskilde Festival trying to win over humans to their cause. To do this they built their own Barad-dûr Tower complete with a completely evil bass thumping sound system and during the day held readings of The Hobbit to hungover festies.

Barad-dur Tower

Their mission statement: We’ve always felt that the citizens of Mordor have been the victims of a pretty vicious propaganda campaign from the mainstream Human/Elvish media, and we wanted to change the public opinion about our proud people. The plan was simple; send a delegation of friendly Nazgûls to one of Northern Europes biggest music festivals, Roskilde Festival, and show everyone how we party!

Over here they run through the process with tips like watch out how you handle the batteries because “they can explode if not handled right.”

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