Head Banging on the High Seas: Full Metal Cruise Sails Through Europe

A heavy metal cruise that stops in Amsterdam. What could possibly go wrong?

Music cruises are quickly becoming the hottest new festival trend for this upcoming winter. While typically based in the sun drenched Carribean, a new cruise slated to set sail this year will take a spin around Europe. The Full Metal Cruise will head from Hamburg to Southampton in the UK, Le Havre in France, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands during May 5-12, 2013.

There’s no lineup but a promised twenty bands will play on the pool deck, the casino, and at the theater as well as scheduled shows during shore excursions. Tickets are on sale now. My German is a bit rusty but it looks like packages start at 1498 €. See for yourself over on the official site.

via Full Metal Cruise

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